Moringa power bar

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Power snack complacent?

You do a lot of sports or are often on the road, then you need in between an energy boost. The Moringa Memory Bar is perfect for the occasion, made from rich ingredients in combination with Moringa.

The natural energy bar provides exotic enjoyment thanks to ingredients such as peanut, almond, spirulina, alfalfa, cardamom and ginger. Like Moringa, these ingredients are nutrient-rich and energizing. The bar is gluten free and vegan.


1 bar, 20g

box of 10 bars



Moringa, peanut, almond, spirulina, alfalfa (alfalfa), cardamom, ginger powder, raw sugar, iron, natural fiber


Nutrition value per bar (20g):

Energy, 147 kcal
Fat, 8g, saturated fat, 2g
Carbohydrate, 7g, Palm sugar, 5g
Fibres, 3g
Protein, 4g
Salt, 45mg
Vit A, 2mg
Vit E, 1mg
Calcium, 83 mg
Phosphorus, 57 mg
Vit K, 1.1mg
Vit C, 0.23mg
Riboflawin, 0.34mg
Vit B6, 1mg
Calium, 96 mg
Magnesium, 30 mg
Iron, 3mg
Zinc, 1mg

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10g, 100g


1 stick, 10 stick