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Moringa Markt AG based in Zurich,The first Moringa shop in Switzerland. When production started and the distribution through the shop at Weinbergstrasse22a 8001 Zurich had to be Professionally Experienced Moringa Markt AG was founded. Under this umbrella will be created in the coming years, still some revolutionary products.


Switzerland offers optimum production conditions:


  • Low Company  costs
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Social costs and VAT
  • An excellent reputation as a producing country for high quality goods.


The next steps are, New distribution channels are currently being acquired, such as: Ayurveda, fitness center, kiosks, Organic shops, etc. At the same time, we are in the process of increasing sales with our shop and thus being included in other stores in the assortment. Moringa Markt AG has also already developed further Preparation for the upcoming Moringa products. This also guarantees that sales will continue to increase The aim is very clear that there will be an own production facility in Switzerland in the future and that an export is sought.